My Unique Approach To Lending

or why the way most lenders do their job is backwards…

I am in a customer service industry. Everything about what I do is customer service. I’m not concerned with my bottom line, I’m concerned with your bottom line. My focus is your future and assisting you in making the best possible financial decisions for what will, most likely, be your largest financial investment to date. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and have had careers in design, technology and lending. Regardless of the career tract I was in at the time my approach to business has always been the same. Over Communicate, Over Estimate, set appropriate expectations and provide transparent knowledge and guidance every step of the way. 

Finally, my customer approach does not end with you, my client. It applies to every person who is part of your home ownership journey, your realtor, the sellers the listing agent, your family (if getting a gift) and every other interested party along the way. 

My end goal is to make a very complex process as smooth and simple as I can to ensure we all get to the finish line together. A finish line that ends with you in your new home or in a better mortgage situation for your family.

Charles K. Davis

Mortgage Loan Originator

NEXA Mortgage, LLC – Company NMLS #1660690

NMLS ID: 1740379

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